Why buy Liberty Long Life Lamps?

The true cost of your lighting is much more than just the cost of the lamp itself.

Frequency of maintenance and repair, energy usage, insurance, lamp disposal, and employee safety all contribute to the total cost of industrial lighting.

With many companies downsizing their labor force, combined with current awareness of employee safety and increasing costs related to energy usage, insurance, and lamp disposal Liberty Long Life Lighting has never been a better value.

Typically, if you just compare the hours of life and costs of our lighting products vs. the costs and life of your current ones, Liberty Long Life Lighting products produce a substantially higher return on investment. In addition, the reduction in labor costs, fewer disposals, and increased employee safety (due to many less lamp/ballast changes) make the decision to go with Liberty Long Life Lighting a wise choice.

Quality built lighting products produce long life which produce substantial cost savings.

Quality + Long Life = Savings

Our products' reputations aren't new. In fact, we have supplied many of our current customers since the early 1980's. There is more of a demand now than ever for our product line. Our lamps and ballasts are guaranteed in writing (see Warranty page). Please call us toll free 866-865-8366 for any pricing or additional information.