Incandescent Lamps

What makes a guaranteed Liberty Long Life Lighting brand incandescent lamp burn 5000 to 14,400 hours? Over 10 times longer life - because.....

  • Costly rare gas in each lamp helps cooler fliament operation which increases bulb life and light output.IncanDuo1
  • Longer, heavier, more expensive coiled tungsten filament is sturdier - more durable, resists shock and vibration, burns cleaner and longer - less lamp blackening failures.
  • Each filament has 6 supports to resist shock and vibration.
  • Tungsten filaments are chemically cleaned three times before mounted in lamp for cleaner, brighter operation.
  • All impurities (including air) are pumped and burned out of the lamp for cooler operation and longer life.
  • Greater spacing between coils in flament keeps temperature cooler, prolongs filament life, improves lumen maintenance which gives more average light output over the lofe of the lamp.
  • All lamps are checked on light up test, held 24 hours, and 100% rechecked for perfect operation to eliminate any premature failure.
  • Stem made of specially selected, more costly premium glass for maximum life. Hand machined to prevent any air leakage into lamp.
  • Sturdy BRASS base on all lamps resists corrosion and will never 'freeze' in socket.

IncanDuo1Standard incandescent lamps offered by major lamp manufacturers are designed to last only 750 hours.......... Liberty Long Life Lighting brand incandescent lamps are designed to last an average of 10,000 hours!